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Engineered Wood - Glue Down Installations

Engineered wood is exactly what it means. It is wood that has been designed by engineers to fit into a certain environment such as homes heated with concrete radiant heat or moist and humid geographies. Here a solid strip or plank wood via nail down will not work. It will be a disaster to install because it will buckle or become damaged in some other way; hence we have engineered wood to come to the rescue.

Many manufacturers of engineered wood design the product to be installed via glue down. A glue downed floor is usually placed over highly compressed concrete surfaces. Note that almost all floating engineered and glue down engineered floors do not get sanded. Very few prefinished engineered floors are designed for any sanding and refinishing in the future. However, Somerset manufactured floors are an exception. Somerset is appealing because you can purchase the same exact product as a solid (nail down) or an engineered (glue down). And with their collection you can sand the engineered floors in the future. For example, you can buy a high gloss red oak solid 3 1/4 wide plank product as a solid or engineered with the ability to sand the engineered in the future when needed. Their collection is extraordinarily robust, economical, practical, and abundantly supplied. You can say the same for the Bruce and Armstrong collections as well if you live in central New Jersey.

Remember, many manufacturers of engineered hardwood floors forbid you to sand them in the future, but they are engineered for moist environments and below grade areas such as basements. Here is a link to manufactuers that contain large collections of engineered hardwood that can be installed via glue down:

Engineered Wood - Floating Installations

A Floating Installation is when engineered wood is glued together at the tongue and groove allowing the entire floor to flexibly float above an underlayment such as Armstrong Quiet Comfort . It is not attached to the subsurface like a nail down or glue down engineered floor. The new floating floor is usually floated above concrete or tiled surfaces (basements or required by some condominiums). Why Float? It works best in moist humid environments along the coastlines and near rivers. In addition floating floors are engineered to go over existing hardwood floors. Floating floors work great for basements.

Some popular manufacturers of floating floors are: