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Solid Wood - Plank & Strip

Consumers often get confused about the different types of hardwood floors. On this page we at Deluxe Wood Floors will help explain some key terms to help give you a better understanding of the hardwood floor market.

Unfinished wood is wood that comes straight from the timber yard with no stains, finishes, or treatment coatings. It's natural wood in it's natural state. Finished wood is wood that comes from the factory made by manufacturers such as Armstrong Hardwood Floors or Mannington Hardwood Floors. The wood usually contains a protective coating and stains such as cherry and butterscotch. Unlike unfinished wood no sanding and coating is required; just installation.

There are different kinds of floors that are referred to as solid, engineered, floating...They have different names because of their design and method of installation. Solid wood is wood that usually has the most thickness (3 1/4") and is manufactured to be installed via nail down to a subfloor. Width sizes are 2 1/4" (strip), 3 1/4" (plank), or 4" through 7" (wide plank). The larger the width the more expensive the floor because more wood is wasted when the product is manufactured. Solid wood is designed to be sanded many times over and it can be re-colored over the duration of it's life. Even prefinished solid wood purchased from manufacturers can be sanded when it gets worn and old. You can restore the wood to it natural state. The benefit of installing unfinished solid wood is that you can have Deluxe Floors customize the color stains, the amount of protective coating, and the level of shine. Here is a list of reputable manufacturers of solid prefinished hardwood floors that have very large and beautiful collections:

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